Most_common Method Of Counter Class

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Method Signature:



Method Overview:

  • most_common() returns a list of top 'n' elements from most common to least common, as specified the parameter 'n'.


  • The list consists of tuples and each tuple contains the element and the element count


  • If the parameter 'n' is not specified or None is passed as the parameter most_common() returns a list of all elements and their counts


  • The ordering of elements occurring with the same count is arbitrary.




import collections


counterObject = collections.Counter()


# Tea types vs number of cups

counterObject["Green tea"]  = 10

counterObject["Yellow tea"] = 8

counterObject["White tea"]  = 10

counterObject["Oolong tea"] = 5

counterObject["Black tea"]  = 15


# most common tea requirement - top 1

print("Topmost tea requirement:")



print("Tea requirement - top 2")



print("Tea type vs requirement:")




Topmost tea requirement:

[('Black tea', 15)]

Tea requirement - top 2

[('Black tea', 15), ('Green tea', 10)]

Tea type vs requirement:

[('Black tea', 15), ('Green tea', 10), ('White tea', 10), ('Yellow tea', 8), ('Oolong tea', 5)]

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