Reversed Method Of Python Dictionary

Method Name:


Method Signature:



d – A dictionary object

Return Value:

Returns a reverse iterator for the given dictionary object. The iterator type returned is dict_reversekeyiterator.


  • The method reversed() returns a reverse iterator for a given Python dictionary instance.

  • Using the returned reverse iterator the dictionary keys and values can be accessed in the reverse order.


# Example Python program that uses the reverse iterator of a dictionary


# Create a Python dictionary of rgb values

color = {"r":124, "g":234, "b":126};


# Print the dictionary in regular order

print("Dictionary printed in forward Order:");

for c in color:

    print(c, color[c]);


# Print the dictionary in reverse order

print("Dictionary printed in reverse Order:");

for c in reversed(color):

    print(c, color[c]);



Dictionary printed in forward Order:

r 124

g 234

b 126

Dictionary printed in reverse Order:

b 126

g 234

r 124

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