Python Iterator Protocol

Python Iterator protocol


Any object in Python can be made to hold multiple values and those values can be retrieved in a uniform manner. An object that is designed to hold multiple values is generally called a container.


for element in CustomList:



The above for loop with the pattern,


        for <element> in <container>


is the standard way of retrieving values from any container in Python -  be it a container like list, dict from Python Standard Library or a user defined container like CustomList.


Iterable Object:

  • If a developer wants to design containers whose values are accessible in the same python way as above,  then such container classes need to implement __iter__() method.


  • The __iter__() method returns an iterator object.


  • Thus any container with an __iter__() method is an Iterable Object in Python.


Iterator Object:

  • The iterator object in python is an object that has the __next__() method implemented.
  • On each call, the __next__() method returns a value from the iterable object.


__next__() method:


  • On each invocation __next__() returns one value from the iterable/collection.


  • A StopIteration exception is raised when there are no more elements to be retrieved in the iterable object.

Example Container that implements python iterator protocol:

# Hashlist is both an iterable and an iterator in this example

class HashList:

    myData = []

    myPos  = 0


    def __init__(self, aData_in):

        self.myData = aData_in


    # Makes HashList an iterable 

    def __iter__(self):

        return self


    # Makes HashList an iterator

    def __next__(self):

        #hash the value before it is returned

        if self.myPos >= len(self.myData):

            raise StopIteration


        hashValue = hash(self.myData[self.myPos])

        self.myPos = self.myPos + 1

        return hashValue



HashListObject = HashList(["Two","Three","Five","Seven","Eleven"])


# print the hash list

for elem in HashListObject:










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