Rename Table In MySQL Using Python And PyMySQL


  • The RENAME TABLE is one of the statements of Data Definition Language (DDL) of SQL.
  • RENAME TABLE together with other Statements like CREATE(Create Table, Create Database), DROP, ALTER and TRUNCATE form the Data Definition Language of SQL.
  • MySQL Server supports RENAME TABLE statement.
  • RENAME TABLE statement renames one or more tables present in a database.
  • RENAME TABLE can be used to move one table to another database in the MySQL Server.


Renaming a MySQL Server Table using Python:

  • A database connection to MySQL Server can be made using PyMySQL, the client library for MySQL which is fully implemented using Python.
  • PyMySQL adheres to the Python Database API Specification and any database operation on the MySQL server can be done from a python program using the connection objects and cursor objects.
  • An example Python program is provided here which renames a table and lists the tables present in the database after the RENAME operation.
  • The example Python program renames the table from “Price” to “Rate”.

Rename Table in MySQL

Fig: Renaming a table from Price to Rate


# import the mysql client for python

import pymysql


# Create a connection object

mysqlServer         = ""

mysqlUser           = "root"

mysqlUserPassword   = ""

mysqlDBName         = "billing"

charSet             = "utf8mb4"


connectionObject   = pymysql.connect(host=mysqlServer, user=mysqlUser, password=mysqlUserPassword,

                                     db=mysqlDBName, charset=charSet)



    # Create a cursor object

    cursorObject            = connectionObject.cursor()                                     


    # SQL string to create a MySQL table

    renameTableCommand   = "RENAME TABLE PRICE to RATE"


    # Execute the rename table SQL command



    # List the tables using SQL command

    showTablesCommand    = "show tables"   


    # Execute the SQL command



    #Fetch all the rows - from the command output

    rows                = cursorObject.fetchall()


    print("List of tables:")

    for row in rows:



except Exception as e:

    print("Exception occured while renaming a database table:{}".format(e))





List of tables:




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