Removing A Table From PostgreSQL Using Python


Deleting a PostgreSQL table using Python:

  • The psycopg2 module provides the database access API for Python to connect to a PostgreSQL server.
  • psycopg2 module provides the connect() method to establish a database session with the PostgresSQL server.
  • Once a database connection is established, a database cursor is opened to execute SQL statements over the database connection.
  • In this example, the DROP TABLE is executed using the cursor to remove a PostgreSQL table.


# ----- Example Python Program to remove a PostgreSQL database table 

import psycopg2

from psycopg2.extensions import ISOLATION_LEVEL_AUTOCOMMIT


# Start a PostgreSQL database session

psqlCon         = psycopg2.connect("dbname=test user=test password=");



# Open a database cursor

psqlCursor      = psqlCon.cursor();


# Name of the table to be deleted

tableName       = "news_stories_archive";


# Form the SQL statement - DROP TABLE

dropTableStmt   = "DROP TABLE %s;"%tableName;


# Execute the drop table command



# Free the resources





To get the list of tables from the psql- interactive console type \dt.

Before removing a table from a PostgreSQL database:

 test   | components           | table | test

 test   | delivered_parts      | table | test

 test   | devices              | table | test

 test   | news_stories         | table | test

 test   | news_stories_archive | table | test

 test   | orders               | table | test


After removing a table from a PostgreSQL database:

 test   | components      | table | test

 test   | delivered_parts | table | test

 test   | devices         | table | test

 test   | news_stories    | table | test

 test   | orders          | table | test

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