Fromordinal() Function Of Class In Python

Function Name:


Function Signature:

            @classmethod  fromordinal(ordinal)

Return Value:

Returns the Gregorian date corresponding to a given Gregorian ordinal.


ordinal – The Gregorian ordinal for which the date needs to be found.

Function Overview:

  • The method fromordinal() of the Python date class computes the date for a given Gregorian ordinal and returns the value.
  • The opposite is performed by the toordinal() method, which converts a Gregorian date to a Gregorian ordinal.


When a negative value or an ordinal beyond the value returned by the date.max.toordinal() is passed to the parameter ordinal, toordinal() method raises a ValueError.

Exceptions raised:


Example 1:

# ----- Example Python program to get Gregorian date from Ordinal -----

import datetime


# Gregorian ordinal

ordinal = 737425;


date =;

print("New year 2020 from ordinal %d:%s"%(ordinal, date));


# Day 1 of Gregorian calendar

date =;

print("Date for the first day of Gregorian calendar:%s"%date);


# Maximum date

print("Maximum ordinal supported in Python Standard Library is %s"%date.max.toordinal());



New year 2020 from ordinal 737425:2020-01-01

Date for the first day of Gregorian calendar:0001-01-01

Maximum ordinal supported in Python Standard Library is 3652059

Example 2:

import datetime


# Negative value given for ordinal

negativeOrdinal = -52;

beyondMax       =;



    beforeGregorian1 =;

    print("Some date before 1st date in Gregorian calendar:%s"%beforeGregorian1);

except ValueError as Ex:



    afterMax    = + 1);

    print("Date for Gregorian ordinal beyond %d:%s"%(beyondMax, afterMax));

except ValueError as Ex:




ordinal must be >= 1

year 10000 is out of range

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