Login() Method Of FTP Class In Python

Method Name:


Method Signature:

login(user='', passwd='', acct='')

Return Value:

An FTP 230 Login successful message, upon successful login or a failure message like 530 This FTP server is anonymous only.


userThe user name of the FTP account on the server.  The default value is an empty string. When no value is specified, the user parameter is assigned internally a default value of ‘anonymous’ by the login() function.

passwdPassword corresponding to the user name. The default value is an empty string. When the user name is anonymous and the password is an empty string or a hyphen, the password is internally assigned to the value anonymous@’ by the login() function.

acctAccounting information.



  • The login() method of FTP class, initiates a logged-in session with the FTP server for a user.
  • The login() method sends the user credentials to the FTP server. Once the FTP server completes the user authentication, it creates an FTP session.
  • The login() function roughly translates into issuing of FTP commands: USER and PASS.
  • For the login() to work, the connection to the FTP server should have been already established either through the constructor - FTP() or through the method connect().



# Example Python program that logs in as an anonymous user

from ftplib import FTP


# Create an FTP object

ftpObject = FTP();


# Connect to the FTP server

connectResponse = ftpObject.connect(host="someserverthatallowstesting");



# Login to the FTP server

loginResponse = ftpObject.login();





220 (vsFTPd 3.0.3)

230 Login successful.


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