Info() Method Of Logger Class In Python

Method Name:



Method Signature:

info(logMessage, *args, **kwargs)


Method Overview:


  • info() method is used to log messages of severity level logging.INFO.


  • Informational log messages may not be error messages all the time.


  • logging.INFO could be used inside a python program to reflect the program state over various time points of its execution


  • For example Authentication succeeded, Session started, Session ended are all informational messages and reflect the program state and the state of the associated entities like user, session and so on.


  • The optional parameters of info() method args and kwargs are explained as part of the debug() method of logger class.



import logging


def PythonFunction():

    # Set the standard log prefix

    formatString = '%(asctime)s %(filename)s Function:%(funcName)s() %(message)s'


    # Set the log level - to logging.INFO and above

    logging.basicConfig(level=logging.INFO, format=formatString)


    # Get a logger object with this module name

    loggerObject = logging.getLogger(__name__)


    # Start logging"This is an info message")





2017-03-24 18:32:43,189 Function:PythonFunction() This is an info message




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