Timer Objects In Python


  • A timer helps in executing a set of instructions only after a specified amount of time has elapsed.
  • Python provides a timer object through threading.Timer class which is a subclass of threading.Thread class.
  • The constructor of the threading.Timer class takes a function and a time interval after which the function should be executed.
  • The timer class has a cancel method which can be used to stop the timer before it has started executing the timer function i.e.,while the timer is waiting for the specified time duration to elapse.
  • The timer class provided by Python threading module does not execute the timer function after every elapse of specified number of seconds. It just executes the timer function only once after the time elapse.



import threading


def MinuteAlarm():

    print("Printing every minute")


minutely = threading.Timer(60, MinuteAlarm)




Printing after a minute



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