Drawing A Pie Chart Using A Pandas Series


  • Pie charts display how much a specific variable or quantity contributes to the whole, where the whole represents 100%.
  • Each variable is represented as a wedge.
  • The data with a value zero will not have any wedge in the pie chart.
  • Calling the pie() function of the plot member on a pandas Series instance, plots the pie chart for the Series data.


# Example Python Program to draw a pie chart for the data

# present in a pandas Series object

import pandas as pds

import matplotlib.pyplot as plt


# Daily visitors

data = [0,120,90,120,100,80,30];


# Create a pandas series

series = pds.Series(data, index=("Sun", "Mon", "Tue", "Wed", "Thu", "Fri", "Sat"));


# Create a pie chart

series.plot.pie(label="", title="Daily visitors to the village library");





Drawing a Pie chart for the data present in a pandas.Series

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