• CPython is the reference implementation of the Python Interpreter, the Python Programming Language and the Python Standard Library and the associated tools.
  • While the majority of the Python Standard Library is developed using Python, portions of it and the Python interpreter are developed using C.
  • CPython is the implementation available for download from Python.org.
  • Any new feature as it is implemented through the Python Enhancement Proposal (The PEP process) is generally implemented in the CPython first.


Development, Protection, Distribution and Licensing:

  • CPython is developed and distributed by the Python Software Foundation.
  • Python Software Foundation also manages the Intellectual Property Rights and the various processes of the Python Community.
  • CPython is released under the GPL compatible open source license.


Contributing to Python Development:

The Global Interpreter Lock and CPython:

  • One major issue associated with the CPython implementation is that the CPython uses Global Interpreter Lock(GIL), which prevents execution of Python byte code from multiple threads of a Python Program.
  • When a Python thread is blocked for I/O or while performing long running operations like image processing and number crunching, it is taken out by the CPython interpreter and the thread will have to wait for the GIL again.
  • A multithreaded Python program will not be able to effectively make use of the multiple cores present in a system due to the Global Interpreter Lock - GIL.

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