Overview of Jython:

  • Jython is the implementation of the Python Programming Language targeted for the Java Platform. 
  • Jython enables Java classes to be imported inside a Python program.
  • With Jython, it is also possible to import Jython libraries into a Java Program and execute the embedded Python script from a Java program.


Execution of a Jython Program:

  • Jython interpreter creates Java byte code on the fly, which is executed by the Java Virtual Machine (JVM).

Jython Interpreter

Compatibility with CPython:

  • There are certain amount of incompatibilities between the reference implementation and the Jython implementation.
  • Like other variants of Python, the releases of Jython lags behind the releases of CPython - the reference implementation of the Python Program Language.
  • The Standard Python Library modules of CPython that are written in Python are included in Jython.
  • In the same way, any other Python modules written in Python will work seamlessly in Jython.
  • However, several libraries of the CPython implementation written in C are rewritten in Jython so that those libraries work for a Jython Program.

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