Set() Function In Python

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Function Overview:

  • The function set() is the constructor to the Python class set.


  • The set() function creates and returns an empty set or it returns a set with the contents from an iterable object.


  • Since a set object is mutable, it does not have a hash value.


  • Sets do no support indexing and slicing operations.


  • The elements in a set are not sorted.



# set object initialised with a tuple

colors = set(("red","red","red","blue","green","green"))



# set of prime numbers less than ten

primeTuple = (2,3,5,7)

primeSet = set(primeTuple)




{'green', 'blue', 'red'}

{2, 3, 5, 7}


Note that the colors set does not have multiple values of red and green as the source tuple it was initialized with, because a set will not have duplicate values.

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