Comparing Two Pandas Series Objects Using Lt() Function - Applying Less Than Condition


  • “Less Than” is a comparison operation. For pandas Series objects, the “Less Than“ operation is implemented through the “<” operator as well as the function;
  • When using the function lt(), Python developers has an option to provide replacement for any occurrence of None/NaN/missing values.


The Python example below compares two pandas series objects of string literals and prints the resulting series on to the console.

# Example Python program to compare pandas series instance

# using lt() function i.e., applying less than < condition


import pandas as pds


# Define strings

token1 = "axybd";

token2 = "gbuio";


# Load the strings into lists making one character string literals

tokenList1 = list(token1);

tokenList2 = list(token2);


# Load the lists of characters into series objects

series1 = pds.Series(tokenList1);

series2 = pds.Series(tokenList2);


# Compare string literals of series1 with series2

series3 =;


print("pandas Series of strings 1:");



print("pandas Series of strings 2:");



print("pandas Series of strings 1 < pandas Series of strings 2");




pandas Series of strings 1:

0    a

1    x

2    y

3    b

4    d

dtype: object

pandas Series of strings 2:

0    g

1    b

2    u

3    i

4    o

dtype: object

pandas Series of strings 1 < pandas Series of strings 2

0     True

1    False

2    False

3     True

4     True

dtype: bool



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