Drawing An Area Plot Using Pandas Series In Python


  • An area plot is obtained from a line chart by filling the area between the line and the axis with a colour.
  • Compared to the line chart, it is easy to understand the trend of the graph or data using an area plot because of the presence of the coloured area.
  • An area plot can be drawn from the data present in a pandas Series using the plot.area() function. Note that plot is a member/attribute of the pandas Series class.
  • To draw an area plot for a pandas DataFrame, the area() function can be called on the plot instance of the pandas.DataFrame object.


# Example Python program to draw an Area Plot

# for the data present in a pandas.Series object


import pandas as pds

import matplotlib.pyplot as plt


# Distance covered on each day as a Python list

distanceCovered = [400, 75, 10, 350, 200];


# Create a pandas Series using the Python list

series = pds.Series(distanceCovered, index=("Day 1", "Day 2", "Day 3", "Day 4", "Day 5"));


# Draw an area plot

series.plot.area(title="Distance travelled(in miles)");





Drawing an area plot using Python for the data present in a pandas.Series instance

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