Drawing A Box Plot Using Pandas Series


  • A box and whisker plot or simply box plot draws a box, using the 25th percentile and 75th percentile of the distribution as its boundaries. 
  • Median value is marked in the box.
  • The box is marked with whiskers that extend up to the minimum value and the maximum value of the distribution.
  • Outliers are marked as bubbles.

Drawing a Box plot for the data present in a pandas.Series instance:

  • The box() function can be called on the plot member of the Series instance, which plots the box plot for the data.
  • In the same way, to draw box plot for a pandas DataFrame the DataFrame.plot.box() function can be used.


# Example Python program to draw a

# box-whisker plot for the data present in a pandas Series

import pandas as pds

import matplotlib.pyplot as plt


# Test scores

testScores  = [75.2, 45.9, 52, 51, 60, 71, 46.4, 67.2, 74, 71.2];


# Load test scores into a pandas Series

series      = pds.Series(testScores);

series.plot.box(title="Box plot of test scores", xticks=[]);


# Print the summary statistics



plt.xlabel('Summary statistics through box and whisker');




count    10.000000

mean     61.390000

std      11.713093

min      45.900000

25%      51.250000

50%      63.600000

75%      71.150000

max      75.200000

dtype: float64

Drawing a box plot for a pandas Series in Python


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