Drawing A Line Chart For A Pandas Series


  • In a line chart, the data points are marked in a two-dimensional space at (x,y) positions and the points are connected through a line.
  • Line chart is one of the simplest data visualization techniques yet a powerful one that gives an idea about the trend of a variable against another variable.
  • For a pandas.Series instance, a line chart is drawn by calling the line() function on the plot member of the Series.
  • In the same way, to draw a line chart for a pandas DataFrame, the line() function can be called on the DataFrame.plot member.


# Python example program to create a line chart

import pandas as pds

import matplotlib.pyplot as plt


# GDP growth percentages

data    = [2.6, 2.3, 2.9, 3, 3.1];


# Create a pandas Series

series  = pds.Series(data, index=("Year1", "Year2", "Year3", "Year4","Year5"));


# Draw line chart

series.plot.line(title="GDP growth rate of a Country");




Plotting a line chart for a pandas Series in Python

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