Drawing A Hexagonal Binning Plot Using Pandas DataFrame


  • A two-dimensional lattice is divided into a number of hexagonal grids of size (nxm).
  • Based on the number of data points of the distributions of two variables x,y that fall under any hexagon, the hexagons are given a color ramp or given different sizes.
  • A hexagonal binning plot is drawn when the number of points in the distribution is large.

Plotting a Hexagonal Binning Plot for a Pandas DataFrame:

  • The method hexbin() of the plot member of a DataFrame instance draws a hexagonal binning plot for set of (x,y) points.


# Example python program to draw a Hexagonal Binning chart

# for a pandas DataFrame

import numpy as np

import pandas as pd

import matplotlib.pyplot as plot


# Generate two distributions of very large size

distribution2d  = np.random.randn(20000, 2);

dataFrame       = pd.DataFrame(data=distribution2d, columns=["x", "y"]);


# Draw a hexagonal binning chart

dataFrame.plot.hexbin(x='x', y='y', gridsize=25, title="Hexagonal binning plot for DataFrame columns");




Hexagonal Binning Plot


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