Load_cert_chain() Method Of SSLContext Class In Python

Method Name:


Method Signature:

load_cert_chain(certfile, keyfile=None, password=None)


certfile            - Path of the X.509 certificate file in PEM(Privacy Enhanced Email) format.

keyfile            - The private key of the certificate

password        - Password for the private key if the private key is encrypted. The value to this parameter can be a string, bytes or bytearray or a function returning string, bytes or bytearray.

Return value:



  • The method load_cert_chain() loads an X.509 certificate and its private key into the SSLContext object.
  • The loaded certificate will be used during the SSL Handshake with the peer.


This SSL Client program can be used along with the SSL Server program provided in the Introduction to the SSLSocket in Python.

# Example Python program that uses SSLContext.load_cert_chain()

# to load the client certificate into the SSLContext

# and proceeds with the SSL Handshake and other operations

import socket

import ssl

# Server IP and Port details

sslServerIP         = "";

sslServerPort       = 15001;


# Construction of an SSLContext

sslSettings                     = ssl.SSLContext();

sslSettings.verify_mode         = ssl.CERT_REQUIRED;


# Loading of CA certificate.

# With this CA certificate this client will validate certificate from the server



# Loading of client certificate

sslSettings.load_cert_chain(certfile="./DemoClt.crt", keyfile="./DemoClt.key")


# Create a stream based client socket

clientSocket        = socket.socket();


# Make the client socket suitable for secure communication

tlsSocket  = sslSettings.wrap_socket(clientSocket);

tlsSocket.connect((sslServerIP, sslServerPort));


# Obtain the certificate from the server

server_cert = tlsSocket.getpeercert();


print("The server certificate is not valid before:");



print("The server certificate is not valid after:");




The server certificate is not valid before:

Apr  2 12:12:33 2020 GMT

The server certificate is not valid after:

Apr  1 12:12:33 2025 GMT

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