Load_verify_locations Method Of SSLContext Class In Python

Method Name:


Method Signature:

load_verify_locations(cafile=None, capath=None, cadata=None)


cafile – File path for file containing the CA Certtificate(s)

capath – Path for the directory containing the CA Certtificate(s)

cadata – The certificate data in PEM or DER format.

Return Value:



  • The method load_verify_locations() of the SSLContext class loads a set of CA certificates used for verifying the certificate of the peer.
  • The CA certificates are the certificates of Certifying Authorities. Usually, a Certifying Authority designates the work of issuing the certificates to a set of (sub-) authorities and each of such authorities again delegating to another (sub-)set of authorities forming a CA chain.
  • While validating a peer’s certificate, one or more certificates in the CA chain are validated by a host.


# Example Python program that uses SSLContext.load_verify_locations()

# to load and verify one or more CA certificates

import socket

import ssl

import os

import time


# IP address and port number

ipAddress   = "";

portNumber  = 15001;


# SSLContext construction

sslSettings                     = ssl.SSLContext();

sslSettings.verify_mode         = ssl.CERT_REQUIRED;


# Load a CA certificate.

# The CA certificate The will be used to validate the certificate from the server



# Loading of client certificate which will be validated by the server

sslSettings.load_cert_chain(certfile="./DemoClt.crt", keyfile="./DemoClt.key");


# Streaming socket

s = socket.socket();


# Obtain SSLSocket instance

ss  = sslSettings.wrap_socket(s);


# Get rid of the original socket



# Connect to the server

ss.connect((ipAddress, portNumber));


# Print the loaded certificate statistics

print("Certificates currently loaded into the SSLContext");



# Send a message to the server

ss.sendall("Hello Server!".encode());


# Receive time from server

dataFromServer = ss.recv(1024);


print("Message received from the server");



# Close the secure socket




Certificates currently loaded into the SSLContext:

{'x509': 1, 'crl': 0, 'x509_ca': 1}

Message received from the server:

b'2020-04-16 19:07:57.620855'

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