Rindex Method Of Str Class

Method Name:



Method Signature:

rindex(sub[, start[, end]])


Method Overview:

  • The rindex() method of str class finds the highest index at which a substring occurs inside a given string object.


  • This is similar to the rfind() method of str class.  However, the rindex()method raises an exception of type ValueError when the specified substring is not found in the string object.


  • rindex()method accepts start index and stop index parameters for the substring search operation.


quoteString = "it means just what I choose it to mean — neither more nor less."

substring   = "mean"

pos         = quoteString.rindex(substring)


print("Substring '{}' was found at index:{}".format(substring, pos))


# Now restrict the search for substring between the indices 0 and 10

pos         = quoteString.rindex(substring, 0, 10)

print("Substring '{}' was found at index:{}".format(substring, pos))



Substring 'mean' was found at index:34

Substring 'mean' was found at index:3


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