Startswith() Method Of Str Class

Method Name:



Method Signature:

startswith(prefix[, start[, end]])


Method Overview:

  • startswith() method of str class in Python checks whether a string object starts with a specified prefix.


  • startswith() returns True when the specified string is the prefix of the string object. It returns False otherwise.


  • The match for a prefix is against a string or a tuple of strings specified.


  • When a tuple of strings is specified, startswith() returns true if any of the strings in the tuple is found to be a prefix.


name    = "Dr.Alfred Einstein"

prefix  = "Dr."

found   = name.startswith(prefix)

print("Prefix found:%s"%(found))


name        = "Mr.James Bond"

prefixes    = ("Dr.","Jr.")

found       = name.startswith(prefixes)

print("Prefix found:%s"%(found))



Prefix found:True

Prefix found:False






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