Cert_time_to_seconds Function Of Ssl Module In Python

Function Name:


Function Signature:



cert_time – The time string in "%b %d %H:%M:%S %Y %Z" strptime format.

Return Value:

The number of seconds elapsed since Epoch corresponding the time specified in the parameter cert_time.


  • When two hosts communicate through network I/O via stream based sockets, a host can authenticate the identity of the other host involved in the communication through the digital certificate of the other host.
  • A Certificate Authority issues a digital certificate.
  • Digital certificates issued by a Certificate Authority have validity for a specific time period.
  • Validity of a digital certificate starts after the time specified by the field “notBefore” and ends after the elapse of the time specified by the field “notAfter”.
  • The method ssl.cert_time_to_seconds(cert_time) converts the string format of the time given in the “notBefore” and “notAfter" fields to number of seconds since Epoch. The time returned is in GMT - Greenwich Mean Time.



import socket

import ssl

import platform

import os


# Create an SSL context

securityContext = ssl.SSLContext();

securityContext.verify_mode = ssl.CERT_REQUIRED;

securityContext.check_hostname = True;



# Check for OS X platform

if platform.system().lower() == 'darwin':

    import certifi






# Socket properties

socket_address_family   = socket.AF_INET;

socket_type             = socket.SOCK_STREAM;


# Create a streaming socket

connection = socket.socket(socket_address_family, socket_type);


# Create a secure socket

secure_connection = securityContext.wrap_socket(connection,


# Connect to host



# Get the certificate from the host

cert = secure_connection.getpeercert(binary_form=False);


# Get the validity related attributes

print("Certificate validity:");


print("Not before:%s"%cert['notBefore']);

# Convert the time string into timestamp

print("As timestamp:%d"%ssl.cert_time_to_seconds(cert['notBefore']));


print("Not after:%s"%cert['notAfter']);

# Convert the time string into timestamp

print("As timestamp:%d"%ssl.cert_time_to_seconds(cert['notAfter']));




Certificate validity:

Not before:Nov 28 00:00:00 2018 GMT

As timestamp:1543363200

Not after:Dec  2 12:00:00 2020 GMT

As timestamp:1606910400

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