Makedirs() Function Of Os Module In Python


os.makedirs(name, mode=0o777, exist_ok=False)


  • The function makedirs() creates a leaf directory and its parent directories recursively in the filesystem.

  • While the mkdir() function of os module creates a single directory in the filesystem, the makedirs() creates a directory hierarchy including a specified leaf directory.


name - The path of the leaf directory.

mode - Optional parameter. The default value is 0o777, which means all directories created along with the leaf directory will have Read, Write and Execute permissions for User, Group and others.

exist_ok - If True, when the function finds an existing directory along the path it continues creating the remaining directories. If False, a FileExistsError is raised when an existing directory is found.

Return Value:



# Example Python program that creates
# the leaf directory and all the intermediate
# parent directories recursively
import os

# Leaf directory and its path
leafDirPath = "./l1/l2/l3"

# Create parent directories and leaf directory
os.makedirs(leafDirPath, mode=0o741, exist_ok=True)

# Do a walk() and descend the hierarchy
entries = os.walk("./l1")

# Print the contents of each directory
for entry in entries:


('./l1', ['l2'], [])
('./l1/l2', ['l3'], [])
('./l1/l2/l3', [], [])


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