Read() Function Of Os Module In Python


  • Given a file descriptor, the function reads the specified number of bytes or less based on the unread/available number of bytes from the file.

  • A bytes object of zero length is returned once all the bytes are read(i.e., the end of file is reached).

  • When a file is opened through the Python built-in function open(), the read() function of the file object is to be used for reading the file contents. The is a low-level I/O function that reads raw bytes of a file using a file descriptor.



fd – The file descriptor obtained through function

n – Number of bytes to be read


Return Value:

A bytes object.


# Example Python program that reads from
# a file and print the file contents
# using the function
import os

# Open a file in read only mode
fpath    = "/PythonProgs/Wheels.txt"
fmode    = 0o744
oFlags    = os.O_RDONLY

# Read from the file and print the raw bytes
fdesc     =, os.O_RDWR, mode = fmode)

oneGo      = 8
bytesRead =, oneGo)

while bytesRead:
    bytesRead =, oneGo)

# Close the file (descriptor)


<class 'bytes'>
b'The whee'
b'ls on th'
b'e bus go'
b' round a'
b'nd round'


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