How To Take A Selfie Using A Kivy App With The Camera Class



  • Kivy has a class Camera that abstracts the cameras in a mobile device.


  • The camera of the mobile device can be started and stopped programmatically using Kivy.


  • The Camera class provides customizations that include
  • Selecting a camera from a list of cameras available using an index
  • Specifying a resolution for the camera


  • Once the right camera is selected using the index and camera is made to play the live video with the attribute play = True, calling the widget base class method export_to_png() on the camera object will save the current frame of the video to a PNG file.



from import App


from import Camera

from kivy.uix.boxlayout import BoxLayout

from kivy.uix.button import Button


class CameraExample(App):


    def build(self):

        layout = BoxLayout(orientation='vertical')


        # Create a camera object

        self.cameraObject            = Camera(play=False)       = True

        self.cameraObject.resolution = (300, 300) # Specify the resolution


        # Create a button for taking photograph

        self.camaraClick = Button(text="Take Photo")

        self.camaraClick.size_hint=(.5, .2)

        self.camaraClick.pos_hint={'x': .25, 'y':.75}


        # bind the button's on_press to onCameraClick



        # add camera and button to the layout




        # return the root widget

        return layout


    # Take the current frame of the video as the photo graph       

    def onCameraClick(self, *args):




# Start the Camera App

if __name__ == '__main__':




Camera widget in Kivi - Example

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