Clock Objects In Kivy


  • Kivy provides Clock objects.


  • Clock objects can be made to call a function when a specified time period has elapsed.


  • For Example, a sound alert can be played when a time period elapses.


  • A clock object in Kivy can be configured to call a function upon every elapse of a time duration or only once.



from import App

from kivy.clock import Clock

from kivy.uix.label import Label



# The kivy App that extends from the App class

class ClockDemo(App):

    count = 0


    def build(self):

       self.myLabel = Label(text='Waiting for updates...')


       #Start the clock

       Clock.schedule_interval(self.Callback_Clock, 2)


       return self.myLabel


    def Callback_Clock(self, dt):

        self.count = self.count+1

        self.myLabel.text = "Updated %d...times"%self.count




# Run the app

if __name__ == '__main__':




Example for using clock objects in a kivy app



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