Handling Touch Events In Kivy


  • Kivy dispatches any touch event on the app to the root widget class.


  • A touch event could be any of the following
    • Down event
    • Up event
    • Move event


  • In Kivy, the root widget passes the event to all of its children while the children can pass the event to further down to their children.


  • This way, it is not only the widget within whose physical boundaries the touch event occurred receive the event. Other widgets also receive the touch event.


  • When a touch event occurs it is first received by one of the on_touch_xxx() handlers of the root widget.


  • Once received an event can be digested by the Kivy widget meaning it need not be propagated to the children or it can be propagated to the children.




from kivy.uix.button import Button

from kivy.app import App


# Customized button

class AppButton(Button):

    # Handle touch - an up event

    def on_touch_down(self, touch):

        if self.collide_point(*touch.pos):

            self.text = "Touch down"

            # digest the event

            return False


    # Handle touch - a down event

    def on_touch_up(self, touch):

        if self.collide_point(*touch.pos):

            self.text = "Touch me...."

            # touch is on the button...do not want to send this event any further

            return False



# App class

class TouchDemo(App):


    def build(self):

        appButton = AppButton(text = "Touch me...")

        return appButton


if __name__ == '__main__':




Handling touch (down) event kivy

Handling touch (up) event kivy

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