Trunc Function - Python Math Module

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Method Overview: 

The trunc function of the python math module returns only the integer part of a floating
point number.


# Get only integer portion of Silver Ratio

SilverRatio     = 2.4142135623

IntPart1         = math.trunc(SilverRatio)

print("Truncation of  Silver Ratio resulted in: {}".format(IntPart1))


# Truncate Gelfond's constant

GelfondsConstant  = 23.1406926327

IntPart2      = math.trunc(GelfondsConstant)

print("Truncation of  Gelfonds Constant in: {}".format(IntPart2))


Truncation of  Silver Ratio resulted in: 2

Truncation of  Gelfonds Constant in: 23

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