Edge Detection Of Images Using Pillow


  • Pillow - The Python Image-processing Library provides various image filters including the edge detection filters and edge enhancement filters.


  • Like the other image filter   implementations provided by Pillow, edge detection filter as well is implemented using a convolution of a specific kernel onto the image.


  • The convolution matrix used by pillow for the edge detection is given by:


            -1, -1, -1,

            -1,  8, -1,

            -1, -1, -1




from PIL import Image

from PIL import ImageFilter


# Create an image object

image = Image.open("./goat.jpg")


# Find the edges by applying the filter ImageFilter.FIND_EDGES

imageWithEdges = image.filter(ImageFilter.FIND_EDGES)


# display the original show



# display the new image with edge detection done





Image before applying edge detection filter using Pillow

Image after applying edge detection filter using Pillow

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