Overview Of Pillow- Python Image Processing Library


  • Image processing has come to mainstream use through the applications like face detection, tagging of photos, editing and publishing of photos in social media, authentication using fingerprints and facial recognition.


  • Pillow is an image-processing library used in Python Programs.


  • Pillow has extensive APIs to support image processing which provide methods for
    • Geometrical transformations
    • Image filtering
    • Image enhancement
    • Color space conversions of Images
    • Statistical analysis of images like histogram
  • Processing Image Sequences or Animations formats
    • e.g., .FLI, .FLC files, Animated GIF files


  • Pillow supports Mac OS, Linux and Windows Operating Systems.


  • Pillow supports several of the image file formats including BMP, EPS, GIF, ICNS, IM, JPEG, JPEG 2000, MSP, PCX, PNG, PPM, SPIDER, TIFF, WebP and XBM.

Example: Flipping of an Image

# import image module

from PIL import Image


# Open an already existing image

imageObject = Image.open("./waterfalls.jpg")


# Do a flip of left and right

flippedImage = imageObject.transpose(Image.FLIP_LEFT_RIGHT)


# Show the original image



# Show the flipped image




Before Flip:

Image before flip using pillow image processing library

After Flip:

After flip using the python image processing library - pillow

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