Applying Mode Filter Using Python And Pillow


  • The mode filter replaces each pixel of a Digital image with the mode value of its neighborhood pixel window.
  • The class ImageFilter.ModeFilter implements the mode filter.
  • As per Pillow's implementation, to consider a pixel value as mode, the value should at least occur twice in the neighborhood. Else the original pixel value is retained in the image.
  • The Python example applies the mode filter 7x times to a digital image.
  • Similar to the median filter the mode filter as well is an edge preserving filter.



# import the required PIL Modules

from PIL import Image

from PIL import ImageFilter


# Load an image

imageObject ="./nightsky.jpg");


# Show the original image;


# Apply mode filter multiple times

modeFilterApplied = imageObject.filter(ImageFilter.ModeFilter);

for i in range (0, 6):

    modeFilterApplied = modeFilterApplied.filter(ImageFilter.ModeFilter);


# Show the image with mode filter applied;



Before applying the mode filter:

Before applying mode filter using Pillow - the Python image processing library

After applying the mode filter 7x times:

After applying mode filter using the python library - pillow

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