How To Draw Box-whisker Plots In Python


  • A Box plot, which is commonly known as the Box and whisker plot divides the given data in to different quartiles.


  • A Quartile is a measure of central tendency that divides a data set in to 4 parts.


  • The Box Plot would have a box depicted for each data point extending from the first quartile to the fourth quartile values.


  • A vertical line is represented in the center of the box, which is the median of each data point in the data set.


  • Here, the X-axis has the data for which the box plot has to be drawn and the Y-axis denotes the frequency distribution.


  • To draw a box plot, the pre-requisites are the median of the data, the upper and lower quartiles, the highest and the lowest value in the distribution.


  • A box plot can be generated either horizontally or vertically.


  • Matplotlib offers boxplot() as part of the matplotlib.pyplot module which is used for plotting box plots.



import matplotlib.pyplot as plot

import numpy as np


#Generate the data

sequence1 = np.random.random_integers(0,100,100)

sequence2 = np.random.random_integers(25,75,100)

sequence3 = np.random.random_integers(50,80,100)


plot.boxplot((sequence1, sequence2, sequence3))



Box plot drawn using python matplotlib

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