How To Draw A Scatter Plot In Python

Drawing a scatter plot using Matplotlib


  • A scatter plot is a two dimensional graph that depicts the correlation or association between two variables or two datasets
  • Correlation displayed in the scatter plot does not infer causality between two variables.
  • The above point means that the scatter plot may illustrate that a relationship exists, but it does not and cannot ascertain that one variable is causing the other.
  • Either of the variables can be considered in either of the axes.
  • A scatter plot is usually drawn prior to fitting a regression line or while analyzing the relationship between two variables.
  • The python module matplotlib.pyplot has the function scatter()which generates scatter plots from two different arrays of datasets.


# import pyplot and numpy modules

import matplotlib.pyplot as plot

import numpy as np


# Hypothetical equity returns

xData = np.random.random_integers(18, 50, 50)

yData = np.random.random_integers(200, 800, 50)


# Draw the scatter plot

plot.scatter(xData, yData)

plot.title('Hypothetical:Student age group and GMAT Score')





Scatter Plot drawn using matplotlib.pyplot.scatter()

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