Histogram Plotting With Matplotlib

Histogram Overview:

  • A Histogram is a vertical bar chart.
  • A Histogram has continuous intervals in the X-axis and the frequencies in the Y-axis.
  • While X-axis of the histogram describes the interval of the data that is start value and end value of the data, the Y axis of a histogram describes the frequencies of such data.
  • In other words the height of the histogram describes the frequency of the data and the width of a rectangle in the histogram describes the range of values of data.
  • Histogram gives a good overview of how the density of the data is distributed.
  • The python library matplotlib has the hist() function and a hist2d() function that plot a histogram.



import matplotlib.pyplot as plot

import numpy as np


# Random number generation from 0 to 100

x1      = np.random.random_integers(0,100,100)


# Plot frequency distribution using histogram

plot.hist(x1, facecolor="r", edgecolor='b')

plot.title("Frequency distribution Histogram - Values from 0-100")




# Display the histogram




Histogram plotted using Matplotlib

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